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When asked to enroll a child with a disability, do you think... My staff isn't trained for this! We'll have to change our whole program. We've got more than we can handle serving children without disabilities! The parents aren't going to like having children with disabilities included with their kids. Our liability insurance will go way up. A child in a wheelchair can't get into our building.What do you think when asked to enroll a child with a disability?

All Children Together (ACT) Resource Network

The Advocacy Network on Disabilities is the home for the All Children Together (ACT) Resource Network for the Special Needs of Children with Disabilities and Their Families, an initiative of The Children’s Trust. Its role is to work with The Children’s Trust and the organizations it funds to increase our community’s capacity to provide quality, inclusive programs to children with disabilities.

Its MISSION is to increase the participation of children with disabilities and their families in all aspects of community life through capacity building, advocacy, and promoting best practices.

ACT’s services are available at no cost to programs funded by The Children’s Trust. If you are not funded by The Children’s Trust, our services are also available for a fee.

E-News Updates
Each month, The Advocacy Network on Disabilities publishes NewsNet with information on best practices, research, training opportunities, community events and more. To sign up, click here



With staff comfort and competency critical to successful inclusive programs, staff training is a key component of ACT supports.

Our trainings are open to the public and are offered throughout Miami-Dade County.

To view our Training Descriptions, click HERE.

To view our Training Calendar, click HERE.

Successful completion of any of these workshops meets The Children’s Trust’s contract requirement for annual participation in inclusion training.

Inclusion Readiness Tool

The Inclusion Readiness Tool (IRT) is a self-assessment to help you determine your program’s current readiness to provide quality services to children with disabilities, and to serve as a guide for “next steps”. It can be completed by your own staff, or with the assistance of an ACT Inclusion Specialist. Through its use, an agency tracks its progress over time, towards full inclusion.

To view the Inclusion Readiness Tool, click HERE.

The IRT is based on 9 evidence-informed competencies we call the Pathways to Inclusion. They are: Orient and Train Staff; Inclusive Policies and Procedures; Safety; Alliances and Partnerships; Materials, Equipment, and Supplies; Family Support; Physical Accessibility; Marketing Inclusion; and Individualized Inclusion Plan.

Meeting a combination of required competencies and optional activities, an organization can achieve a rating between Steps 1 and 5 on the ranking scale.

Individual Program Inclusion Plan (IPIP)

An IPIP is a Children’s Trust funded provider that enters into a partnership agreement with the ACT Resource Network to develop a plan for increasing an agency’s readiness and capacity to successfully include children with disabilities. An Inclusion Specialist will visit and explain to an agency the supports and services the ACT team can provide. Together,  goals will be identified and an action plan developed. This individualized support can provide the all-important modeling, mentoring, and monitoring that moves one from training knowledge to real life implementation.

Each year, the ACT Resource Network partners with over 100 programs. For more information about becoming an IPIP partner contact us at, or 305-596-1160.

For a list of programs that have participated as IPIP partners, click HERE

Coaching and Technical Assistance

Sometimes you may only have a quick question, or need a brief consultation about an inclusion-related issue. To get in touch with one of our staff, e-mail or call 305-596-1160 and ask to speak with a member of the ACT team.

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